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​CD of the 7 Steps to No Failing Students.
Diane R Hunt, EzineArticles Basic Author

In this book, Diane Hunt shares a simple plan to eliminate failure in your classroom. It is possible to teach a rigorous curriculum and have no failing students! The best news? You can do all seven steps in this simple process without becoming overwhelmed or buried in paperwork. Learn the evidence-based strategies and techniques that are eliminating failures in classrooms across the country.


Schedule "7 Steps to No Failing Students" training with Diane by calling 1-920-912-4871 or emailing​


Training includes:

  • A session with Diane learning how to apply the "No Failing Students" steps
  • The "No Failing Students" Book or the "No Failing Middle Schoolers" Book.
  • Monthly follow-up support phone calls

To cover the cost, many schools use:

  • Title Funds
  • AODA Funds
  • Special Education Funds
  • Grants
  • Adult and Community Education
  • Response to Intervention Funds
  • ​Professional Development